The Coalition to Leverage and Optimize Sales Effectiveness (CLOSE) was developed out of a need to empower sales executives in order to leverage resources, truly optimize performance and improve effectiveness. The CMO Council is dedicated to providing an environment that empowers sales, aligns process and function with marketing, and amplifies the voice of sales while marketing assumes the role of sales support leader.


As a busy executive, you are constantly looking for resources and solutions that can improve technique, efficiency, productivity and outcomes in acquiring, closing and growing customer relationships.

The Coalition to Leverage and Optimize Sales Effectiveness (CLOSE) is:

  • A dynamic web destination of rich content, resources and information
  • —
  • A peer-powered membership community designed to connect you with other executives seeking to advance their organizations' competencies
  • —
  • Like-minded professionals who share knowledge and leadership to optimize sales performance


Champion best practices in sales empowerment, aggregate relevant knowledge and insight, and provide a peer-powered environment for networking and interaction among sales executives and professionals. In addition, CLOSE will explore the strategic value derived from closer integration and alignment with marketing, channel and customer service groups.

The Three Pillars of CLOSE:

Learn: To optimize sales effectiveness, you need relevant content, powerful solutions, expert insights, evaluation tools and peer-inspired ideas to maximize performance.

Connect: From pain points to over-the-moon successes, you now have an open forum to share “how I got it done” stories and ask peers for constructive advice and insights.

Capitalize: Be in command of business requirements and deliverables to close more efficiently by capitalizing on cutting-edge productivity and performance tools, on-demand services, and tried-and-true ROI strategies.

Membership is free…and the only thing you have to lose is that next great tip to closing a bigger, better sale!