CLOSE sat down with experts in sales and marketing to determine how these functions are working together to drive profitability and growth for their companies.
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Points of View

Charlie Cole

Chief eCommerce Officer, Samsonite

Indar Chanicka

Vice President of eCommerce, Digital Marketing and CRM, The Body Shop

Ryan Coldwell

Senior Director of eCommerce, Cabela's

Sujit Ganguli

Head of Marketing, ICICI Bank

Lucas Herscovici

Global Director of Strategic Innovation and Marketing, Anhueser-Busch

Bud Hyler

Marketing Consultant, Logical Marketing, Inc.

Kristina Jaramillo

Chief LinkedIn Marketing Officer ,

Bud Hyler

Marketing Consultant, Logical Marketing, Inc.

Nick Rojas

Industry Writer and Expert,

Tim Riesterer

Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Corporate Visions

Frank Paterno

Vice President of Marketing, IntelliConnection

Rob Murphy

Chief Marketing Officer, MC2

Rob Begg

Chief Marketing Officer, Introhive

Matthew Bowman

Global Vice President of Demand Generation, Teleperformance

Connie Kadansky

President, Exceptional Sales Performance

Michael Cannon

Founder and CEO, Silver Bullet Group

Dan McDade

President and CEO, PointClear, LLC

Gina Testa

Vice President of the Graphic Communications Market and Business Development, Xerox