Expert Point of View

Frank Paterno

Vice President of Marketing


Voicemails are an essential aspect of lead generation, but their increasing frequency can lead to low enthusiasm and weak efforts. Instead of missing out on prosperous leads, focus on ways to make your voicemails stronger and more persuasive to improve your follow-up rates.

Start off Strong

Starting off strong is as easy as explaining the who, when, where and why of your voicemail. A vital aspect of a clear voicemail is your value proposition. You want your prospects to not only remember you, but also to establish a strong reason to return your call. Being specific and honest in your message will help your prospect understand how they can benefit from your company, and it will provide a valuable incentive to return your call.

Grab Their Attention

Instead of joining the group of numerous unreturned voicemails, you can become a part of the successful few by exuding confidence. A positive attitude and tone not only grabs a prospect’s attention, but it also serves as a differentiator in a long list of voicemails. Details like dates and times will be able to better stick in prospects’ minds. This upbeat manner will also enhance your sales efforts as a more confident voicemail is able to express the unique things your company offers.

Don’t Waste Their Time

Thirty seconds is a great reference point for voicemails. You can focus on sharing what is most essential and still add a personal touch in this timeframe. You can also experiment with voicemail automation with this 30-second opportunity. Ensuring that you have all of the necessary information while including personalization, speed and consistency can make voicemail automation a beneficial feature for both you and the prospect.

Make It Clear

Even though you have a short window of time to work with, you can still establish a connection and relate essential information within 30 seconds. Although repetition may seem impossible in such a short time frame, repeating your name, company and phone number is a vital exception. This is the contact information required to complete the lead-generation process, so providing this information more than once is key to increasing the chances of connecting with the prospect.

Modify and Improve

Looking into your company’s historical data is a great starting point for discovering what is most effective and what needs improvement. Metrics such as the number of calls returned on a certain day can provide intriguing leads. You may also notice other trends and significant factors that have strong correlations with positive follow-up rates. Incorporating these things into your voicemail strategy will allow you to optimize messages and increase the number of returned calls.

Streamline the Process

Pre-recorded messages can be incredibly helpful once you have developed the most efficient and effective voicemail strategy. Pre-recorded messages ensure consistency with regard to the inclusion of the best practices previously discussed. Pre-recorded messages are capable of serving multiple purposes due to the way that several messages can be recorded. There are also some services that can integrate directly into your customer relationship management strategies.

Developing and improving upon a voicemail strategy is essential to improving your follow-up rate. Whether it’s the prospect’s first or last impression, utilizing strategic voicemail tactics can positively impact the rate at which prospects engage with your brand and return missed calls.


Frank Paterno, Vice President of Marketing at IntelliConnection, is a creative and analytic marketing and product executive with hands-on and management experience in identifying, creating, delivering and communicating value with technology-based products and services. He is an expert in corporate and product marketing, and his expertise is enhanced by his strong technical and financial background.