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10.14.15 Guardian Study Reveals Women Still Aren’t Sold on a Career in Sales

More than 60 percent of women—equivalent to a quarter of the U.S. population—do not consider sales as a career option

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10.28.15 New Corporate Visions Survey Finds B2B Companies Agree Sales Conversations Have Biggest Impact on Closed Deals, But Still Primarily Invest in Sales Processes Instead

Data Underscores How Sales Messaging Can Be More Valuable Than Technology, Tools or Processes in Helping Organizations Achieve More Profitable Growth

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09.09.14 Corporate Visions Survey Reveals the Insight-Driven Content Companies Use Most Often in Marketing and Sales Messaging Is Also Believed to Be the Least Effective

New Data Finds Companies Rely on ‘Anecdotal’ Instead of ‘Visionary’ Insights to Create and Deliver More Effective Lead Generation Assets and Sales Conversations

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