Discovering Data-Accelerated Revenue Traction

The CMO Council, in partnership with IBM Watson Customer Engagement, is gathering insights from senior marketing, commerce and supply chain executive into how the shift toward the customer has necessitated innovation across data, analytics and holistic operations. 

Program Description

This program seeks to understand how marketing, commerce and supply chain executives are centralizing and putting today’s deluge of data to work. It will uncover new ways these executives are extracting value from multiplying sources of insight (IoT, MarTech apps, third-party APIs) and unstructured content (both inside and outside the enterprise).

The research will delve into issues of data availability, accessibility, quality and timeliness as executives face the competitive imperative to leverage real-time, refined data for revenue growth, customer gratification and trusted decision support. It will also explore the gaps and deficiencies in the data value chain as it results to customer journey, path to purchase, lifetime value, and end-to-end experience.

The goal of this research initiative is to help functional business leaders review, value and prioritize data assets. The results of this research will provide a self-assessment tool for leaders to identify the most relevant sources of data, and determine what types, sources, formats, and interfaces will boost marketing and business performance.