Brent's Social CRM Blog

By Brent Leary

Brent Leary is Co-founder and Partner of CRM Essentials LLC, a CRM consulting/advisory firm focused on small and mid-size enterprises. CRM Essentials has trained thousands of business people on the benefits and best practices of implementing CRM strategies and technologies. CRM Essentials also works with corporate enterprises and government agencies to build programs aimed at informing minority and women owned business of the importance of understanding the positive impact of CRM. Their client list includes Microsoft, and the State of Georgia.

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DemandGen Blog

By DemandGen

Expand your marketing automation skill set with the marketing automation and lead management experts at DemandGen! Our team shares their thoughts, expertise, and insights on driving revenue through lead management: the demand waterfall, lead taxonomy, lead scoring and nurturing, sales alignment, customer lifecycle strategy and more.

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Jill Konrath - Selling to Big Companies

By Jill Konrath

Jill Konrath’s career is defined by her relentless search for fresh sales strategies that actually work in today’s business environment. She’s the author of two bestselling sales books and is a popular speaker who helps sellers crack into new accounts, speed up sales cycles and win more business.

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B2B Lead Blog

By Brian Carroll, J. David Green, Andrea Johnson, and many more

The B2B Lead Blog presents the most topical, relevant ideas and insights to help sales and marketing professionals – and their leaders – thrive in a continuously evolving marketplace.

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The Sales Blog

By Anthony Iannarino

Anthony is the President and Chief Sales officer for SOLUTIONS Staffing, a best-in-class regional staffing service based in Columbus, Ohio. We provide light industrial, clerical, accounting, and scientific staffing solutions for our clients who need a higher-caliber employee, and the highest levels of service. He also the Managing Director of B2B Sales Coach & Consultancy, a boutique sales coaching and consulting company where I work to help salespeople and sales organizations improve and reach their full potential.

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By Mike

This site is dedicated to carrying on the art and science of using simple common sense when you sell, market and advertise, which was very prevalent before common sense disappeared from everyday life.

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Renbor Sales Solutions Inc.

By Tibor Shanto

Tibor Shanto is a 25-year veteran of B2B sales, Tibor has developed an insider’s hands on perspective of successful sales execution. Called a brilliant sales tactician Tibor shows organizations and sales professionals how to leverage their sales process to shorten sales cycles, increase close ratios, and create double digit growth through execution and using the right combination strategy, tools, metrics, tactical execution of the sales process.

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Sales and Sales Management Blog

By Paul McCord

Paul McCord is author of the Amazon and Barnes and Noble best-selling book on referral selling, Creating a Million Dollar a Year Sales Income: Sales Success through Client Referrals (John Wiley and Sons, 2007), as well as SuperStar Selling: 12 Keys to Becoming a Sales SuperStar and Bust Your Slump: A Dozen Slump Busting Strategies to Create Business NOW. His background includes over 28 years selling, building and managing top sales teams, and training and coaching sales professionals and managers.

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Think Customers: The 1to1 Blog

By 1to1 Media

1to1® Media is dedicated to helping organizations across the globe realize the greatest value from their customer base. They provide resources that help senior executives to drive change and make customer-based initiatives the centerpiece of their growth strategy.

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The Science and Art of Selling

By Alen Mayer

Alen Mayer helps sales people who identify themselves as introverts to be successful in sales by writing articles and conducting seminars on how to maximize introvert’s sales potential.

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